Saturday, April 24, 2010

On Racism and our trip to NOLA/right before Katrina

  • Boy did it feel white in the French Quarter/Steve got so much attention/I felt like everyone knew him. People didn't stop warning us not to go out in to the wards/we would get beat. We're from the Bronx/we said..It's a mess up in here. Then Katrina/safely back in the Bronx/we watch T.V./actually we just heard the news from Upland/and from the kids who were glued/thinking about how lucky we were to have missed the hurricane by one week.In these cases it is a miscarriage of the Press presenting a thoroughly corrupt vision of how profiled the African Americans were presented with their flesh still fresh floating in the canals and in the gutter.

Friday, April 9, 2010

We've been away so long it feels like home

  • Babies/everywhere/pictures and crawling/creeping/I have come full circle. Today Indy goes under to get a filling posted/we snuggle round the spin-off/eat knishes in Brooklyn with Jacki and Moe/late Passover celebration. We are going nowhere really/the work is piling up and we cannot keep up with ourselves.