Monday, June 4, 2012

One time I Escape/You are Pssed-They say to not go Up-there is Danger Ahead

I Chant
A hoo A hoo
Oh time to winch the Wagon to the ole car hitch
There is room for the older ones
but the Song birds are not
permitted in the second cabin
leaves between my ties
like they tell the girls
Beware-the Dark Forest
has a million eyes staring
at you
Take the Chines Embroidered purse it's my design
and the Sewing Mags
but if you sleep with my Man again
I'll kill you
the shell positioned in the Living Room floor
Have the Rockaway Sand thick like powder
crunching the already convoluted scent of years
of scavanging thru old houses
and the tale of three blind mice
wash my blood w/yours
the stain cannot say whose fault
the Umbrellas are up-the Wire is cut
E.C and Gregory have danced w/me
the two-step I know
carries me hime
Tra La La La

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