Sunday, April 19, 2009

Etheridge Knight and his ideas about poetry

There is a non-violent agreement that no egos will flair in the act of discussion....WE WILL THINK AND COMMIT TO the spoken word those ideas which press upon you...this is not to be taken lightly...this is important that you develop a voice which has meaning and understanding /begin by letting the world know your story / who you are and how you feel about the people closest to you /from the past and family who exist in your world... Believe in yourself /no one else will / probably you will grow in a predictible person / honesty can be masked in lies for the purpose of relating the piece. Poets lie; White lies for Dark Times -the title of bEN hARPER'S new album..Virgin records ----Be brave;stand up tall;speak your heart;there is nothing in art which is original; so go for it;

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