Wednesday, April 29, 2009

free peoples on w.b'way ;Manhattan

Chicken sandwichBODEGA fREE PEOPLES' Poetry survives /My voice is louder than the dude ordering:chicken sandwich w/lettuce/tomato /he repeats ''LETTUCE AND TOMATO WITH BLUECHEES" I feel purpose /Steve is running late /Peoples'Poetry /his eyes sparkling at mORRIS AND lenny C ocCo BRUCEbut he's raking me down /Someone finally comes upstairs / a toilet run / must be the guy w/the sandwich /Now I'm debating with him whether the TV CAN BE ON /tHERE ARE NO POETS COMING BUT I AM WORKING HARD AT MY POEMS / eTHERIDGE ALWAYS SAID /LET POETRY BE ACCESIBLE / I AM BEING THREATENED BY THIS GUY / ''WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT' /he goes downstairs to the management.........KAHN SAYS THAT SINCE NO ONE SHOWED UP /THIS DUDE CAN WATCH THE TUBE...a VIDEO CHANNEL IS NOW BLASTING /THEN RIGHT BACK TO A PRISON FILM /oH etheridge /what do I DO.....

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