Sunday, May 3, 2009

leah's 40th yr. b'day poem

itty/you sis me sis /sister oh sister how we look /you with the big heart /the loved one /the robert /the bob /the gordon / and remember the smells /the sex smells /the orgasim of your body / thrusts of sex smells /they are good /smells /oh yeah /dad just kept forcing the bar of soap up me /those those smells / his first two wives /'n mom scared him yes /women smells scared him / no sex with dad /his trying to get his own smells out cause he was afraid /hated women smells /and his girls were going to know that /that he hated and feared women and their odors were dirty /came from dirty things /you did sister leah / can you know /oh can you forget/ can you forgive / the sickness that were were fed and almost destroyed us with on account of ignorance /definative shit / which blocked us up / made us contortionists which we share /fry an egg /try to feed anyone who comes to you cause they know the love you have to share /and take and give / only the slick shit for you lil' sis /birthday girl chipmonk /hopscotch /frail girl /fragile woman / pretty lady /sweetheart / darling mommy's little girl /francy sister who is plder like a teacher steve's sister who he loves more than life itself /and gives to in his heart for twenty-four years /and you should see steve today lil' sis aunt leah /aunt leah /aunt leah aunt leah da bea / da beeeeeee

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