Tuesday, May 5, 2009


  • two withdrawing on thew M103-----aRE YOU COMING HOME WITH ME -I guess so /If you don't talk to those men / Where are we getting off I don't want to buy you those earings /You just use me for a place to sleep /Both faces are swollen /They are screaming /Their tone is getting people sitting around them annoyed /Thank-you for that /yOU JUST LOVE ME FOR MY MY MONEY/yOU THINK THAT i WILL Buy you anything you want /Do I have to but those earings ?I am not going to buy you anything if you don't behave. WHO PAID FOR THE DRINKS AT THAT BAR /i PAY FOR EVERYTHING i OWN YOU /WILL you come home with me / If you don't attract attention when we go in /I'll stay with you / I love you Sara /iN cHINATOWN DO YOU WANT TO GET OFF /i know where they have those earings / Are you coming home with me /dO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE WE'RE GOING IN cHINATOWN /sHE KEPT HER EYES CLOSED A LOT /hE WAS BALD WITH A LONG PONYTAIL..

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