Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in New York/the baby's here and we are looking out nto a new horizon

  • We reach for the pills,they are in a glass bowl on the stove/a bug is imprinted in cut glass on the bottom. You take five and I take five/they're low-grade so we will just sleep more soundly/probably just hear the phone ring in the parlor. We haven't gone to this extent ever/breakfast dishes still in the sink/we seem to be out of hope/a great fear hounds us/we've run this course before/the account reads .00 and the children are all on their feet/we are in every one's way/our language has been reduced to drivel. When the end of O'Bama's term we will have crossed over/we want to let go/but Melisa is having a baby in the Spring and our eighth grandchild is on its' way/we will be there with bells on and a song in our hearts/then we'll see.

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