Saturday, December 19, 2009


This semester has been complicated by our traveling in space/It tries our nerves to succumb to the rigors of the twenty-first/damn we have been to the other side of reality once too often/the grandchildren have checked in/Nathan especially takes care of us. His sweet nature exhibits the best of both his parents. We kiss our girl Indiana Capri and she knows exactly who we are/Ahdy shyly looks back at us and pretends that he is a new kid on the block/this princess Siena knows when we need attention/she calls with loving concern/Tomorrow is Elizabeth Rose's birthday/she has almost found herself/and she is not ten yet/Our darling Gabrielle e-mails in the knick of time,"Call me, I need to touch base."In Borough Park a miracle baby is born,our Ariella Isabel/she is a young warrior/she has the baton/and knows the dove's language/the poems/the songs/we will carry her to Mecca/wrapped in a Palestinian scarf/her Jewish core can stop a million year war. I love the life/the street/the fight/the grand granjetes'But don't believe that this huge trial I've been in/there are no answers/no judgements/

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